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SkyMe APP is a citizen science project developed by an international scientific committee and supported by UNESCO and Museo de la Luz, and it is a part of the initiatives to celebrate the proclamation of the International Year of Light 2018.

SkyMe APP is an interdisciplinary project that will help to have valuable data to study light pollution and all its consequences.

For more information about the International Year of Light 2018, please click here.


Skyme is conceived to: (1) Provide useful data to the scientific community involved with the study of light pollution. (2) Generate a meeting point between the scientific community and citizens to address the problem of light pollution. (3) Raise awareness about the environmental problems of light pollution.

What is the emission function?

The emission function is a key property in characterizing light pollution. It is a collective effect of the elementary radiations of all artificial private and public lights of cities.

The emission function is normally characterized by the public lighting system. However, another class of light-emitting devices are gaining importance since their overuse and the expansion of cities.

In most cities data on private lighting is unknown. And, therefore, light pollution modellers represent the emission function in a restricted way that is sometimes only characterized by the knowledge of public illumination.

What can you do?

Your smart phone can automate data retrieval and incorporate many important functions of interest to scientists; such as capturing images into an APP that can collect the date, time and geographic coordinates associated with an observation.

We invite you to download SkyMe APP and become a scientist!